Supporting our community

We’re committed to making sure the whole community benefits from this project. We’ve already established a fund to support community projects, and, so far, almost £220,000 has been invested in the local area with contributions set to increase with revenues. We have supported projects in education, health, sports and the environment.

The Tyrone Fund

The Tyrone Fund is now closed.
Decisions are taken by a three-person Executive Committee including one person from Dalradian and two independent members from the local community.

Click here to view the Tyrone Fund Policy. 

click here to apply to the Tyrone Fund.

Check the videos to see how local communities benefited from The Tyrone Fund.

Plum Club

South-West College

Community Engagement

Throughout the planning process Dalradian will continue to engage with members of the community to ensure we’re delivering a sustainable plan which both protects this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and creates hundreds of new jobs.

Download our infographic to find out more.

Community infographic

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