Creating at least 400 jobs

The Curraghinalt project will directly create over 400 well-paid jobs, across a range of skill sets, during the construction and operation phases.

The skills this mine will develop can provide well paid jobs for a generation, contributing to building a sustainable economy in the region and especially in the West.

These jobs are well paid. For example, a fully-trained underground miner would earn around £40,000 per year.

In addition to the 400 plus direct jobs that will be created many more will be created indirectly and in the supply chain. For example, suppliers to the mine may need to hire new workers in response to spending by the mining industry. Induced jobs are created when employees of the mine and their suppliers use their wages to purchase goods and services. This multiplier effect relates to all sectors but is generally higher in the mining industry.

Creating 400 jobs infographic

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As well as creating more than 400 jobs, we’re already invested in the local community. So far, we’ve spent £3.5 million in the immediate local area, £16 million in County Tyrone and £27 million in Northern Ireland.

The anticipated spending on the proposed mine project is expected to cost hundreds of millions of pounds. Expenditure will include salaries, materials, equipment, machinery and reclamation costs.

Jobs graphic

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